• purify water

    3 Ways to Purify Water (And Why You Should)

    3 days- that’s how long you’ll last without water. So here are 3 methods to purify water to ensure you never have to take unnecessary risk. Oftentimes when I’m hiking, I…

  • grizzly peak

    Grizzly Peak: Steep Climbs, Fun Times

    This hiking season so far has been fantastic- lots of time peak bagging, exploring new places and getting new recommendations. Grizzly Peak was one of the latest summits, and it was…

  • wild encounters

    Wild Encounters and Attacks: Advice from an Expert

    Kevin Wilson, CEO of Wild Encounters Ltd has generously shared some useful information about bear encounters. He gives valuable recommendations about bear safety, as well as information about the courses his…

  • conquer fear of the outdoors!

    5 Ways To Conquer Fear of The Outdoors!

    The outdoors can be frightening, especially when camping overnight. Respect for the great outdoors is a good and healthy thing, because overconfidence in the bush can lead to problems. However, don’t…

  • bear proof campsite

    9 Ways to Bear Proof Your Campsite

    Now you’ve got your bear spray, and you’ve got your bear bag. Now time to get out there and camp! Whether you’re front-country camping or hiking out to your spot in…

  • grizzly bear

    What You Need To Know About BEAR SPRAY

    If you’ve been hiking out in Canada, you will have heard of bear spray. The reason it is getting more and more common is because it is the most effective way…

  • reef knot- easy and useful knot

    3 Quick and Useful Knots

    When in doubts with knots- tie lots! But these 3 are useful knots, and easy to learn- so why not learn them properly? Here’s a quick guide on the 3 knots: …