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I’m so happy to have you land on my site and explore the idea of an outdoor adventure lifestyle!

Kate living an outdoor adventure lifestyle

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What does Living a Wild Life mean to you??

Here’s What It Means To Me!ย 

Hitting the trails as often as I can, and spending time under the open sky.

Wilderness education and learning about the world around me.

Honing my personal fitness for use in my adventures.ย 

Seeking out adventure around the world, and making every moment count!ย 


Of course, I’m not outdoors 24/7. I like the gym, red wine and cooking! I enjoy playing guitar, reading books and watching superhero movies. What I do is striveย to live an outdoor adventure lifestyle- while leaving room for variety, relaxation and time with family and friends.

This is a lifestyle that happens to incorporate outdoor adventure, travel and a love for the wilderness! A lifestyle that makes us want to explore, and push our boundaries and escape our comfort zones! A lifestyle that just encourages being outdoors. Maybe that’s on a simple family weekend hike, or maybe that’s bushwhacking it through the woods, somewhere far from a road.ย 

Whichever that is, if you love the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place.

Join the community of outdoor adventurers that Live A Wild Life!

If this doesn’t sound quite like you yet, but you’d like to get started, hop on in and join! I want to help you and get you on track to living a Wild Life- an outdoor adventure lifestyle!ย 


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